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SafeUP is a worldwide social network in which you can all take part in creating a safer environment for women and girls in your community. 


Why do we need a community? 

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. When we work together as a group and unite we can create real and significant change. First in our communities and neighborhoods, and after that - the whole world.

What does a community manager do?

Community managers enlist and lead the guardian community. They connect the women involved in SafeUP’s community, adapt and ensure that the content and activities are appropriate and accessible for the needs of the community, reach out to local authorities in order to spread the word and reach as many women and girls in the area as possible, and actually - they change their everyday reality and make it safer. 


So who are we looking for? 

You! Someone who cares, who believes that she has the ability to recruit, lead, motivate, and connect the local community of guardians.

Besides that, our ideal candidate possess...

  • Deep ideological connection to SafeUP’s mission

  • Basic technological orientation

  • Ability to send messages on social media

  • Ability to recruit and lead local women

  • 4 available hours a week to volunteer

Do you want to lead your local community and join a team that’s making the world safer? 

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