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How does the verification

process work? 

At SafeUP, we utilize business intelligence to vet and evaluate the validity of each profile before completing verification. If in doubt of a pending user’s identity, we make personal contact with them and inquire after more proof of identification. Only after we have confirmed the user’s profile can they enter and use the app. 

How does SafeUP make sure that men can’t enter the network and

abuse the app?

Male users are encouraged to share SafeUP with their loved ones; however, men are not allowed into the network yet to prevent the entry of imposters which could pose a threat to the network. We believe that men are an essential part of the creation of a safer world. In the future we plan to explore ways for men to contribute to SafeUP (with the express permission and consent of our users). Stay tuned and share SafeUp with any and all women you know!

How do I know that even one of the three women will show up to help? Are these women that I know or not?

When a user swipes Help Now, nearby guardians will be alerted. The first three to accept the call will immediately connect and, if needed, go to the user’s location to provide in-person assistance. The SafeUP app is programmed to alert the users who are geographically closest to the woman who swiped for help. Whether or not the woman is familiar with the guardians who show up to help, these are women from her local community.

Why do I need permission to position all the time? Does SafeUP always know my location?

Members (users who are not trained guardians) do not need to share their location at all times—only when they want to use SafeUP to get help; however, we need to have the updated location of active guardians at all times so that, when a nearby user swipes the Help NOW button, SafeUP can connect them with closeby and active guardians who can help immediately.

 Why do I need to give SafeUP access to my audio and camera?

We ask users to enable their video and audio when they first download the SafeUp app so that, when a user swipes the Help NOW button, they will be connected to two or more guardians in a video call.

Why do you need access to

my contacts?

One reason that we request access to the user’s contacts is so that they can select guardians directly from their contact list. Another reason that we request access to the user’s contacts is so that the user can verify themself through the friends on their contact list if necessary.

How do you keep my

information safe?

When it comes to information security, we never disclose your name, phone number, or location; however you may choose to disclose personal information within the app when you are talking to other members and guardians.

Why does the registration process require multiple details

(a selfie, Facebook profile, etc.)?

The security of our safety net is entirely based on the validity and credibility of our users; thus  It is essential that each and every pending user profile go under stringent review before they are granted access to our community network.

Can members of the the non-binary and genderqueer community join SafeUP?

We at SafeUP are strong supporters of the right of all people to live a safe life, including people who define themselves as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. SafeUP members have shown their desire to give and get help from people who define themselves as non-men and we are committed to spreading this mission globally. While some LGBTQ+ community members may identify with a specific gender, we also embrace queer and non-binary folk, and we will verify their identity based on the same standards and procedure given to every other user who applies to become a member of SafeUP. In the case of non-binary and queer users, just like everyone else, we explore whether their membership will contribute to the safety of the other members of the community or jeopardise it, and take action accordingly.