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You have successfully completed the SafeUP Guardian Training Program

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Welcome to the SafeUP Guardian network. There are tens of thousands of SafeUP Guardians, spread across 40 countries, responsible for creating a digital platform of love, understanding and support. Guardians are the pillars of our shared dream, a safer world and equal opportunities for women.

Your certification is certainly an achievement worth recognition.

LinkedIn Certification Upload Guide


Log into your LinkedIn account


Go to your profile


Click the blue icon near the top of your profile, “Add Profile Section”


Scan the dropdown menu for “Recommended” and select “Add Licenses & Certifications”


Fill in the form fields:

  • Name: Guardian

  • Issuing Organization: SafeUP - Women's Safety Net

  • Fill in the issue date

  • Insert your Credential URL of your Guardian Certificate

    • Go to your Certificate in SafeUP app and press "View Online" to get the URL

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Share your Guardian Certificate in a LinkedIn post!

Be sure to tag SafeUP - Women’s Safety Net

Together, we are stronger

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