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Want to feel safer? So do we!

That's why SafeUP is there for you.

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 An instant sense of safety. Open the app and get a 24/7 vision of your community. Our home screen shows you all your nearby guardians.  Feel safe knowing that your guardians are available near you whenever you need them.


When a community member taps the Call Guardians button, nearby guardians will be alerted. When connected, the caller can choose between a video or an audio call. The guardians will remain on the call until our member feels safe again. All our guardians are trained in handling calls and are keen to help and support you.

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Our customer service team is available for you at all hours of the day and can answer any questions you may have about SafeUP. Feel free to reach out to us! Do you have collaboration ideas, want to become a community manager, know more about our app? We would love to talk to you!


Our guardian training is available to our vetted 18+ members. It provides insights and tools on how to handle calls from members who feel unsafe. The training consists of instructional videos and short quizzes to give you the means to address different scenarios. Only after training is complete and approved can a member become a guardian.

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