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How to feel safe being a solo-woman traveler

58% of millennials and 47% of older generations have travelled alone. Of this, 84% of them are women. The reasons why people decide to travel alone may vary from business trips to adventures in order to challenge themselves and help improve their confidence.

According to US Travel Assist, safety is the second most relevant concern after cost when booking a trip: 86% of women consider it when booking their lodging or flights.

Therefore, because our ultimate goal is to keep women safe, so we put together a list of tips for being safe and secure when traveling alone.

Let someone from back home know your timetable

If you have a crammed itinerary for the day or you are just going wherever you feel like that morning, send a message to someone who is not with you and let them know about your plan. In case something goes wrong or your phone simply dies, they will be of tremendous help and your family or friends can know where you are.

Keep your phone charged

Having a charged phone is extremely

important to help you feel and be safer. Not only can it help if you are unsafe, but it can also assist you in getting to your destination safely. Being connected is always relevant; if you are going on a long hike or camping for a couple of days, you might want to consider getting a portable charger.

Stop at busy, well-lit places

If you want to stop for a break or you’ve had enough driving for the day, always stop at places that look busy. Make sure there is enough light if it's during nighttime. Follow your gut feeling and make sure the place gives you a good vibe if you are spending a long time there.

Avoid telling people you are travelling alone

One of the most exciting parts of traveling alone is getting to meet and talk to new people everyday. It is such an enriching experience to get to know as many people as possible, but

always remember not to reveal important information to them. Avoid telling people you are traveling alone, where you keep your valuables, details about your trip

or any other important information that would be better to keep to yourself or only among people that have already earned your trust during the trip.

Be aware of your surroundings

Enjoying your trip as much as you can also comes with being aware of your surroundings. Similar to being cautious of where you stop, always trust your instincts and make sure the places you visit are safe enough for you to enjoy without being worried about what’s happening around you. Some things that could make a place safer could be to be accompanied by other people or that you have assured transportation to and from the location.

Have SafeUP at hand

Always remember to have SafeUP set up on your phone. With it, you will have a community of guardians available to help you whenever and wherever you are.

We want all women to be able to travel and go along with their plans without having to worry about their safety. Luckily there are ways to make all of us feel safer, and it is very important to understand these tips in order to move on with our well-deserved vacations. Let’s always remember that the SafeUP community is here for all of us at the click of a button and that the power in numbers is enormous.

As women, we should join our power in order to make sure that the 90% of women who declared safety affected their plans during a trip is reduced, and we are all able to once and for all enforce our right to feel safe and confident while out on our own.

*If you want to download SafeUP and feel safer while having a community of women available everywhere, anytime Click here

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