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Our Best Podcast Recommendations

Whether it’s doing chores around the house or walking to the supermarket, we love listening to podcasts to add a little excitement and learning to our day-to-day. Now that podcasts have exploded and become the next big thing, there are thousands of them to choose from. So how do you find the interesting, most relevant ones?

That’s where we come in!

We have compiled a shortlist of recommendations for podcast series that we think our community members will love and also relate to the topics that interest us, women.

We also completed this amazing list with a Spotify playlist featuring some particularly awesome episodes from these shows and others.

You’re Wrong About

If you love pop culture and history, this is the podcast for you. Two journalists created this podcast because they felt that many notable people (mostly women) and events had been constructed by the media. On You’re Wrong About, they set those misconceptions straight and give us the real story on some of pop culture’s most iconic scandals.

Their episode about Shannon Faulkner will teach you about one of the most classic maligned women cases and why you’re so wrong about it.

Listen here

Crime Junkie

No podcast list is complete without a true-crime recommendation. On Crime Junkie, the two female hosts tell the stories of true crime cases, focusing on the victim rather than the perpetrator. Not only do they tell riveting (and sometimes disturbing) stories, they discuss the stereotypes and societal implications of crime, who is victimized and why, and why some cases are focused on my law enforcement and the media more than others.

This episode highlights the deathly consequences domestic violence can have and how an abusive relationship can become even more dangerous.

Listen here

The Man Enough Podcast

For something more personal and conversational, try The Man Enough Podcast with Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni. He and his co-hosts get deep and personal about feminism, toxic masculinity, and the mountains of emotions everyone feels on a daily basis.

In this episode, Justin invites his wife Emily to discuss the invisible work of women, talking about her own experience as a mother and wife and the challenges she and her husband have faced throughout their marriage.

Listen here

Science Vs.

This one is perfect for the women in STEM (and everyone else too). Science Vs puts Scientific “facts” to the test using scholarly articles and other reliable, researched sources. Not only will it teach you a ton of true facts about the topic, but it will also make you think deeply about the relationship between truth, the media, and society specifically regarding race and gender.

This episode focuses on childbirth and why some procedures, such as c-sections and induced labor, have become more common. It gives lots of helpful insight for any woman, whether or not you plan on giving birth, as well as diving into the racial implications of giving birth.

Listen here

Because of Anita

This series is short and sweet, perfect for a quick binge. If you don't know who Anita Hill is, this is absolutely a must-listen-to podcast for you. Even if you do know her, this podcast sheds light on the profound impact she and her story had on so much of American society, particularly for women and African Americans.

This is the first of four short episodes that focuses on her extremely vulnerable testimony in front of the US Senate and its impact on America and the world.

Listen here

These are only a handful of the amazing, enriching podcasts available. To listen to these episodes and more that we loved, both from these shows and others, click the link below to see the playlist we made just for you, our SafeUP community members!

Podcast playlist

Now you can walk safe and entertained!
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